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Bullet Standingdeer and Shirley Oswalt

Make Cherokee Sentences Using Dictionary - Part 1

May 22, 2016

You can use our dictionary to make sentences and begin speaking Cherokee. The patterns for sentences in Cherokee are very regular, so we will explain in the blog this week and next week how to do this. A dictionary subscription is $6.99/month. 

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John Standingdeer portrays Ostenaco in council house

Cherokee Words--How Many? Part 2

Apr 22, 2016

Cherokee language has more words than English for some topics, and these may show what was important for thousands of years.  In an earlier blog we talked about all the words for running.  There are also a lot of words about speaking.

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Bullet Standingdeer as Cherokee Emissary at Colonial Williamsburg

Cherokee Words--How Many?

Apr 10, 2016

Cherokee Words – How Many?  Part 1

A student asked last week “How many different words are there in Cherokee language?  Do they have different words for hungry and starving? Or do they just say really hungry?”

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John Standingdeer Jr. Photo by Kristy Maney Herron

A Living Language

Feb 28, 2016

One tribal member expands efforts to teach the Cherokees' traditional language

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Make a Word partial screen shot

NEW! Get monthly subscription to Dictionary, Make-A-Word

Feb 20, 2016

NEW!  You can now subscribe monthly for only $6.99 to our Dictionary or Make-A-Word.  Get both for $13.98 monthly.  These are optimized for smart phones and tablets as well as computer, so you can have 80,000 Cherokee words at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime.  Go to

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