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Photo by Angeli Wright, Asheville Citizen-Times

Cracking the Code to Speak Cherokee

Jan 3, 2016

"When I'm speaking Cherokee I feel our ancestors still hear us, and they are happy."

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"Cold Mountain Sunrise" © Scott Hotaling.  Used by permission.

Cherokee Merry Christmas

Dec 24, 2015

This time of year you might see greetings in Cherokee language:
Ulihelisdi Tsisa Undetiyisgv = Merry Christmas 
Ulihelisdi Atse Udetiyisgv =  Happy New Year 

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John Standingdeer, Jr.

Sale Continues

Dec 14, 2015

Sale continues through January 1!  Everything will continue to be half-price through January 1.  

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John "Bullet" Standingdeer

John Standindeer Receives Patent

Nov 23, 2015

John Standingdeer Jr., a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, has received a patent for his new and unique method for decoding the inherent patterns in the Cherokee language, making it simple and easy to learn this endangered language.  The U.S.

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Bullet Standingdeer

Bullet Standingdeer: "A Way to Understand"

Oct 31, 2015

"I believed, and could not let go, that there had to be a way to understand, not just mimic like a parrot or a crow, but a way to understand it and know what you were saying. That is why this has been developed."

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