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Jace Weaver, Professor and Director of Institute for Native American Studies, UGA, and John Bullet Standingdeer

We are explaining it-- Deyostosisiha

Nov 16, 2014

We are explaining it— Deyostosisiha

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Bullet Standingdeer at Stone Mountain Indian Festival & Powwow

Native American Heritage Month--SALE

Nov 1, 2014

Native American Heritage Month = AniYvwiya

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Some words from the verb root GO

50,000 Cherokee Words

Sep 20, 2014

50,000 Cherokee Words Now Online in Dictionary, Make-A-Word

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Native American Man and Woman Eating, 1590. By Theodor de Bry. North Carolina Collection, UNC-Chapel Hill.

Cherokee Soap Opera

Sep 9, 2014

On Monday evening, the Cherokee language class made up this story, each person contributing one line.  We call it: Cherokee Soap Opera (in English).  

Asgaya:                       Sgigeyuhasg?

Ageya:                         Vv.  Gvgeyuha. Sgigeyuhasg?

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The Appalachian junco also called the snowbird, for which this Cherokee Community is named: Tutiyi.  Photo by Christopher L. Wood.

Going to Snowbird Community--Tutiyi--Your Grandmother's Cherokee Pilot Project

Jul 8, 2014

Tonight we began a pilot project in the Snowbird Community, Tutiyi, in Graham County, NC.

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