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Eva Garroutte, Boston College

Boston College expert Eva Garroutte calls ad against Redskins name 'well-conceived' USA TODAY SPORTS By: ERIK BRADY June 11, 2014 1:21 pm ET

Jun 13, 2014

Boston College sociologist Eva Garroutte is praising the ad against the Washington NFL team name that aired during the NBA Finals in selected markets last night, calling it “beautifully produced and well-con

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French Broad River and mountains near Asheville

Correct Name for Asheville--from Wiggins Black Fox, Inoli

Jun 10, 2014

Correct way to say Asheville, NC

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Inoli, badger

Correct words for things--Why it is important to speak Cherokee--Tsa-ra-gi--Some more thoughts from Wiggins Blackfox, Inoli

Jun 6, 2014

Some words that people say, but don’t realize that they are not saying full Tsa-ra-gi words:          

 1.- Plow – The Implement or the tool used for plowing –People say Ga-da-lu-go-d(i).         That means to plow. The complete word is Ga-da-lu-go-do-ti for the tool used to plow with.

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Soco Falls

From Wiggins Blackfox, Inoli--One of the origins of the word Soco

May 14, 2014

From Wiggins Blackfox, Inoli--One of the origins of the word Soco

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Badger woodcut

More from Wiggins Blackfox, Inoli

May 8, 2014

More from Wiggins Blackfox, Inoli:

Inoli really means badger, according to the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.  When they were naming us in English, they thought the badger was a black fox.

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