Courses where you can learn Cherokee language -- simple and easy.

Learn the words GO and HELP in the present tense and command forms, for all twelve persons, positive and negative, more than 1200 complete Cherokee words. Try the student worksheet, and learn two dialogues with Bear and Rabbit as they say hello and introduce themselves. Learn how to say some different possibilities for someone being a helper. For example: I am your (3 or more) helper: itsvyasdelisgi.

  • You will learn forty root words in the present and command tenses, for all twelve persons. These will include active and non-active root words and those for weather. 
  • You will learn to introduce yourself and talk about your family and where you are from.
  • You will learn to make questions with single words and with suffixes. 
  • You will learn to make sentences negative. 
  • You will learn to make plurals for actions and things.
  • You will learn additional vocabulary words related to the root words and their forms, so that you can read, write, and speak simple sentences to express yourself.  Nogwo Togiasdi gega = Now I am going to Asheville.
  • By the end of the course you will know the equivalent of more than 10,000 English words and will be at a high novice or low intermediate level. (Note: the scope of this course is equal to the first five levels of Spanish in Rosetta Stone.)
  • You will learn the past and future (at one point in time) tenses for the forty words from Level 1 and will begin to add more root words.  Examples of the new tenses are:  Tomorrow I will go to Cherokee.  Sunalei Ela Wodi dagesi.  Last night he and I went to PainttownUsvhi AniWodiyi oginenvsv'i.
  • You will learn the “to-do-it” form so that you can begin to make more complex sentences.  I want him to go to Bryson City.  Tsalsdoni uwenvsdi agwaduliha.
  • You will expand on your introduction of yourself with more information.
  • You will continue to use questions, plurals, and negatives.
  • By the end of the course you will know the equivalent of more than an additional 20,000 English words. You will be at an intermediate level.
  • You will learn new tenses for past, future, and the continual/habitual tense, for the words you know plus additional root words and vocabulary words.  Gvyasdelisgesdi= I will be helping you, for example.  Bear and Rabbit’s adventures continue.   
  • You will be writing and speaking more complex sentences. You will know Cherokee words equivalent to more than an additional 20,000 English words.
  • This course includes learning to read and write syllabary and using it.
  • You will practice making more complex sentences, having conversations, and reading texts like the Bible, the Cherokee Phoenix, and old materials in Cherokee.  When you finish, you will be at an intermediate high level and can continue with lifelong learning in the Cherokee language.