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Cherokee is the indigenous language of the southern Appalachians, where it has been spoken for thousands of years. Today fewer than 300 fluent speakers remain in the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, all over the age of 50. Cherokee is an endangered language.

Your Grandmother’s Cherokee is a simple and easy way to make all the Cherokee words you need to speak fluently. Use “Make a Word” to make one Cherokee word (equal to an English sentence). Use the dictionary to find words in English, Cherokee, and Cherokee syllabary — more than 70,000 Cherokee words in forms that you can immediately use in conversation. Online language classes teach the language step by step.

No other dictionary or online program gives you all the forms of the words, so that you can understand and speak. The long Cherokee words equal a whole sentence in English, and until now have been difficult for people to learn.

More than 70,000 Cherokee language entries include:

  • 129 roots for words that you use everyday — go, speak, eat a meal, be thankful and more — words for actions, feelings, and the weather.
  • Ten persons doing the action for every root word—I, you and I, you all and I, s/he and I, they and I, you (1), you (2), you (3 or more), he/she or it, and they
  • Twelve ways the action is happening for every root word--in the past, present, and future
  • Positive and negative sentences
  • Kituhwa (Eastern Cherokee) dialect and Overhill (Snowbird and Oklahoma) dialect
  • Words for family members and body parts, conjugated for everyone — for example, my father, our father — you(1) and I, our father—you all and I, s/he and I — our father, they and I — our father, your father, you two — your father, you all—your father, his or her father, their father.
  • Common nouns—animals, numbers, colors, days of the week, and more
  • Definitions in English
  • Audio syllables for each word


Additional entries will be added in Phase 2 of our project, creating a total of more than 250,000 entries.
If you subscribe now, you will receive free upgrades for the first year.



We compared words (especially from the oldest printed sources), continually checked our hypotheses about the patterns, and verified our results with fluent speakers among the Eastern Band.

This new way is for the people who want a way to learn Cherokee language—to speak with comprehension and listen with understanding.

Your Grandmother’s Cherokee is a project of Flying Lizard Languages, LLC.

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