Your Grandmother's Cherokee

Preserving the Cherokee language, one word at a time.

Make a Word

The free trial version has two root words, GO and HELP that produce more than 2400 word/sentences.

The full version has 60 commonly used root words that produce more than 40,000 word/sentences. View the full list of root words, persons, and tenses.

Make a Cherokee word that is equal to an English sentence. Choose what you want to say by selecting buttons. Use mouse-over choices to get more information.

Choose from more than 150 root words for the action.  Choose positive or negative.  Choose one of 10 persons doing the action.  Choose from 12 tenses.

Note on pronunciation: The audio player gives you each syllable distinctly so you can learn them.  After you learn them, pronounce them all together, with the accent on the next to last syllable. 

Yes, the action is happening

No, the action is not happening
This is a Cherokee verb that requires you to specify to whom the action is being done. For example "I am hitting you (3+)." or "You (1) love him."

you (1) and me

all of you and me

him or her and me

them and me

you (1)

you (2)

you (3+)

him or her


them (alive)

them (not alive)