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Tsula, Fox, from the Cherokee Primer 1845.  Blackfox is a different word, Inoli.

Message from Wiggins Blackfox --Inoli

Tsali, meaning Charlie in the Cherokee language, is the most mispronounced word in the language.  Majority (90%) of people that claim to be Cherokee on the Qualla Boundary say Sa-li.  There is no such word pronounced this way.  The T is not silent.  The word persimmon is spelled this way but is pronounced different.  So if you can’t say Tsali, at least say Za-li. Your pronounciation will be close and you will sound better.

One more thing:  Os-da Sv-na-le is not a greeting for “Good Morning,” it is a description of how the morning is.  Just like we don’t have a word for Good Bye, we don’t have a word for “Good morning.”

We say Ta-li-ne De-na-da-go-hv-yv (We’ll see each other again) instead of Good Bye.

We say O-si-gwo-tsu Go-hi Sv-na-le-i (Are you ok this morning?) instead of Good Morning. 

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