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Sample questions, Level 2 FUTURE

Level 2 Students Master FUTURE tense

Level 2 students taking the Your Grandmother's Cherokee course in Cherokee, N.C., have just mastered the FUTURE tense. For example, "I will go to Asheville" = Tokiasdi dagesi. They passed their exam with A's and B's. Way to go!

They can say "I will …." for all ten people, for more than twenty verb roots: GO, LIVE, BE SOMEWHERE, HUNGRY, THIRSTY, TIRED, HELP, LOVE, DO, WORK, COOK, DRINK, LEARN, NAMED, HUNGRY, THIRSTY, BE HAPPY, THANK SOMEONE, RAIN, and SNOW. They can also predict how to make words in the FUTURE for some verb roots even if they haven't studied them yet. Next they will learn the PAST. For example, "I went to Asheville" = Tokiasdi agwenvsv'i. Keep up the good work!

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