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My mother, her day. Agitsi utseli iga.

In Cherokee language, say "Etsi," for "Mother" when you are speaking directly to your mother. If you are talking about her or someone else's mother, you can be very specific. In Cherokee, there are four ways to say "Our mother" depending on exactly whose mother she is. There are three ways to say "Your mother."

Agitsi = my mother
Ginitsi = our mother (you (1 person) and I)
Igitsi = our mother (you all and I)
Oginitsi = our mother (he or she and I)
Ogitsi = our mother (they and I)
Tsatsi = your mother (you = 1 person)
Istitsi = your mother (you = 2 people)
Itsitsi = your mother (you = three or more people)
Utsi = his, her, or its mother
Unitsi = their mother
(In Snowbird and Oklahoma, people pronounce these with a J sound. Agiji, for example.)

Nigada unitsi, ditsaliheligi!
Everyone's mother, be happy!

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