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Cherokee Almanac for July 1838

Cherokee Almanac for July 1838

“Cherokee Almanac for the year of our Lord 1838, fitted to the Meridian of Fort Gibson” was printed in 1837.  The Mission Press was set up at Park Hill before most Cherokee people arrived from the Trail of Tears. John F.

Cherokee Words--How Many? Part 2

John Standingdeer portrays Ostenaco in council house

Cherokee language has more words than English for some topics, and these may show what was important for thousands of years.  In an earlier blog we talked about all the words for running.  There are also a lot of words about speaking.

Cherokee Words--How Many?

Bullet Standingdeer as Cherokee Emissary at Colonial Williamsburg

Cherokee Words – How Many?  Part 1

A student asked last week “How many different words are there in Cherokee language?  Do they have different words for hungry and starving? Or do they just say really hungry?”


Ancestors--photos of Swimmer and Qweti by James Mooney, Qualla Boundary, 1880s

Why it matters that I try to figure out the language:

It matters that you try…

It is in the trying that you honor the ones that came before you.

They are why you are here. 


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