Your Grandmother's Cherokee

Preserving the Cherokee language, one word at a time.

Rev. Daniel Butrick and David Brown, A Cherokee Speller, 1819.

The Old Words - written and spoken

These sources have provided lists of Cherokee words.  We compared words, continually checked our hypotheses about the patterns, and verified our results with fluent speakers among the Eastern Band.

Special thanks to fluent speakers of the Eastern Band, who grew up speaking their language, for their help and patience.

  • Gerard William DeBrahm, Report on the Southern Sector, 1756. 
  • Rev. Daniel Butrick and David Brown, A Cherokee Spelling Book, 1819.
  • John Pickering, Cherokee Grammar, 1820
  • Rev. Samuel Worcester, Letters from New Echota, 1818-1834
  • Cherokee Phoenix, 1828-1834
  • Albert Gallatin, A Synopsis of the Indian Tribes, 1836
  • Cherokee Primer, 1845
  • James Mooney, Myths and Legends of the Cherokees, 1900
  • Floyd Lounsbury, Oneida Verb Morphology, 1953
  • Frank Speck, Leonard Broom, and Will West Long, Dance and Drama of the Cherokees, 1951
  • Willard Walker, unpublished mss. 1970s-80s
  • Mary Chiltoskey, Cherokee Words with Pictures, 1972
  • Durbin Feeling and William Pulte, Cherokee English Dictionary, 1975
  • Duane H. King, A Grammar and Dictionary of the Cherokee Language; Dissertation for the Ph.D. in Anthropology, 1975
  • William Cook, A Grammar of North Carolina Cherokee; Dissertation for the Ph.D. in Linguistics, 1979

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